Harris F. Seidel Education Award

This award is intended to provide and encourage recognition of educational contributions other than conventional classroom instruction. It is to recognize individuals who have given exemplary service in the broad area of water pollution control and the environmental sciences through education, training and motivation. This award was established in honor of Harris F. Seidel, the former Director of Water and Pollution Control for the City of Ames.


  1. Nominee shall have been a member of the IAWEA and have been active in the field for at least ten (10) years. The award may be given annually but need not be if a qualified candidate is not identified.
  2. Classroom teaching/training at any level including basis training courses, short courses, vocational technical, college and university courses.
  3. Program contributions at regional meetings, state conferences or similar events.
  4. Hands-on training in operations or laboratory practices; assistance in startup on behalf of manufacturers, consultants or state agency.
  5. Provide management/administration of educational programs.
  6. Development of materials for training or education including written, audio/visual, computer or other modes or media.
  7. Examination of materials and their support for operator certification.
  8. Impact on policies, funding and legislation which contribute to education and training.

Nominee shall meet one or more of the criteria listed above.

Award Recipients: 
2018 | Tim Wilkey

2016 | Bob Watson

2014 | Tom Atkinson

2013 | Adam Schnieders

2012 | Carla Schumacher

2010 | Glen Petersen

2009 | John Veach

2008 | Kenneth D. Goering

2007 | Mark Simms

2006 | Steve Moehlmann

2005 | Phil Koundakjian

2004 | Mike Fields

1996 | Jim Stricker

1993 | Wayne Paulson

1992 | Steve Jones