George W. Burke, Jr. Safety Award

The award is to encourage an active and effective safety program in municipal and industrial wastewater facilities. The award consists of a plaque suitably inscribed with the facility's name and presented by a Federation representative at the Member Association Annual Meeting following approval by the WEF Board of Directors at it’s Annual Meeting.


  1. Documented and illustrated safety program for the facility.
  2. Documented and illustrated safety record for the preceding calendar year for the facility.
Award Recipients: 
2018 | City of Elkader WWTF, PeopleService

2017 | City of Muscatine, Mike Beckman

2011 | City of North Liberty, Dave Ramsey

2009 | Veolia Water, City of Spencer, Jim Virelli

2005 | Centerville, Bob Moore & Gary Hall

2003 | Council Bluffs WWTF

2002 | Davenport WWTF

2000 | Spencer WWTF

1996 | Municipal Pipe Tool Co., Inc/Nutri-Ject, Inc.

1992 | Davenport WPCP

1988 | Marshalltown WPCP

1985 | Des Moines WWTP